Peer-reviewed Journal Articles (Accepted)

Major, T. (accepted). Revisiting the syntax of monsters in Uyghur. Linguistic Inquiry.

McKenzie, A., Eziz, G., & Major, T. (2018). Latent homomorphism and content satisfaction: The double life of Turkic auxiliary -(˙I)p bol-. Glossa: a journal of general linguistics 3 (1), 47.

Peer-reviewed Journal Articles (Under Review)

Major, T. & Torrence, H. (resubmitted to Linguistic Inquiry). Picking up a Friend Along the Way: A'-Movement Through the v/VP Region in Avatime.

Major, T. (resubmitted to Natural Language and Linguistic Theory). Re-analyzing ``say'' complementation: implications for case theory and beyond.

Peer-reviewed Book Chapters

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Major, T. & Gluckman, J. (under revision). Quotative markers in naming contexts.

Major, T., Diercks, M., & Sikiku, J. (in preparation). A Reanalysis of Bukusu Complementizer Agreement.

Mayer, C., Major, T., & Yakup, M. (in preparation). Uyghur Vowel Harmony: Trigger Conflicts, variation, and distance-based decay.


Major, T. On the nature of "say" complementation. PhD Thesis, UCLA.

Conference Proceedings

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